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Have you ever sat in a German "weingarten", admiring vineyards, and enjoying the subtle tastes found only in German-produced Rieslings? BBG Wines brings the best of Germany's local wines directly to you.

German wine expert and BBG Wines founder, Klaus Bellinghausen, decided to bring his understanding of the German wine culture to other wine lovers. In 2004, he opened BBG Wines as a branch of his international trade organization, Bellinghausen Business Group, LTD.

"After living in Southern California for 10 years, I began to miss the crisp, refreshing tastes of my favorite grape, the Riesling, from very dry to noble sweet, including the luscious ice-wines. It was difficult to find the kind of wine I enjoyed in Germany and even harder to explain to people that not all German wines are sweet! The Riesling is such a versatile grape.

Depending on the soil of the growing region, amount of sun exposure of a particular cliff and thousands of other variables. It can have a wide range of flavors. Many of these, especially the mineral traces and slate tastes that I cherish, are found only in wines grown in Germany. The sweet wines I enjoy get their sweetness from the length of time they are left to ripen in the sun, not from added sugars or sweeteners.

I was born and raised in the city of Koblenz, in a house overlooking the Rhine. The city itself is located at a point where the Rhine and the Mosel rivers flow together. This put me very close to two of Germany's most famous wine-growing regions and has instilled in me a particular interest for wines from these areas." -- Klaus Bellinghaus