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National Vine & Wine Chamber

The “NATIONAL VINE & WINE CHAMBER” (NVWC) is a non-governmental legal organization, established under the Law on wine and spirits of Bulgaria, as an inter-professional organization of producers, processors and traders of grapes, wine and grape products. National Vine and Wine Chamber (NVWC) was established in 2000 under the Law on wine and spirits. The founders of NVWC are physical and legal persons, and the members fulfill the requirements of the Law on wine and spirits. The NVWC have 6 regional Vine and Wine chambers, registered as independent legal entities. The Regional Vine and Wine chambers are based in: Sliven, Sandanski, Plovdiv, Pleven, Burgas and Varna. The mission of the Chamber is to protect the professional interests of the members, the quality, authenticity and origin of wines, by revealing its competitive advantages, and promote best practices in the industry and consider the impact of natural factors and the ancient tradition of the production and marketing of products of grapes and wine. NVWC aims to protect the legitimate rights and interests of its members and of all workers in the wine sector; protection of origin, quality and authenticity of the produced and traded products; marketing, advertising and promotional presentation of products manufactured by members of the association end products, promoting the development of viticulture and increase the competitiveness of wine producers.

The means of achieving the objectives of NVWC are: conduct consultations, discussions and deliberations, presentation of opinions, directly advocacy, use of mass media, official statements, building coalitions and networks, preparation and carrying out strategies and programs, development of projects, training, educational materials, creating databases, and use of any authorized legal means to achieve the objectives of NVWC.