Susanne SapierSusanne

Vineyard Grant James

Susanne has always had a passion for good wine and great fun. In late 2008 she decided to buy a piece of property in Ramona, Ca and start a vineyard. Just 3 weeks later, in early 2009, they planted their first vine on the property. While waiting for the new vines to produce good grapes, Susanne started wine-making right away. In 2011, she started using her estate grapes to make her wine. In 2013 she opened the Vineyard Grant James tasting room to the public and to this day, she loves to see people enjoying her wine and the atmosphere of a boutique winery in the Ramona valley. The winery is named after Susanne's son Grant , and her father James. Their family owned winery and vineyard is growing, but will always have a small, community feel to the business. Susanne very much enjoys crafting wine and experimenting with blends.

Favorite grape: Nebbiolo
Favorite Vineyard Grant James wine: Aquarius