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Sangria Lolea

It was spring of 2013. Four friends gathered on Sundays to feast on classic Spanish dishes like paella in an al-fresco dining setting. The friends ate and enjoyed fine cuisine along with a pairing of their best sangria recipe. In conversation, a medley of ideas began to brew to create a sangria not currently available in the market. The idea was to fine-tune their recipe, mixing it with fine wines and the best ingredients of fruit and aromas. The result: a premium, natural sangria called Sangria Lolea.

Today, we toast the Sangria Lolea brand and all the friends who have made it possible. What began as the "perfect sangria experience" has become a global cultural phenomenon. Available in 30 countries and 1,300 locations worldwide, Sangria Lolea continues to grow with numerous accolades and recognitions. A bottle of this frizzante makes Sangria Lolea the ideal aperitif and accompaniment for celebrations with family and friends year round.