San Diego Celebrity Chefs

Chef Israel OrtizIsrael

Executive Chef
Fiore Steakhouse at Harrah’s Resort SoCal

Chef Ortiz comes from a strong casino background specializing in international cuisine, with roots in Mexican/Latin American cuisine. A graduate of the prestigious Scottsdale Culinary Institute in Scottsdale Arizona, Chef Ortiz comes from a small town in New Mexico where as a teen he worked at a local high-end steakhouse. That experience ignited a culinary passion that would later drive him to become the chef he is today. Here at Harrah’s Resort SoCal Chef Ortiz is driven by the success and opportunities of his peers. He has an exceptional desire to help others grow as past chefs have done for him and he prides himself on helping others learn new culinary techniques. Chef Ortiz is passionate about learning new things and he continues to seek new trends and cuisines from around the world. As the Executive Chef of Harrah’s Resort Southern California, Chef Ortiz shares extensive knowledge and experience in the resort and gaming sector along with expertise in how to integrate new and fun culinary experiences to satisfy any palate. In his off time Chef Ortiz enjoys hiking with his two dogs as well as visiting and experiencing new restaurants in the Southern California region.