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Chef Jason FrenchJason

Ned Ludd/Elder Hall

Jason French is the Chef and Owner at Ned Ludd, an American Craft Kitchen and Elder Hall, A Gathering Space in Portland, Oregon. French’s cooking perfectly embodies his culinary philosophy of farm driven, bold, deeply flavorful and seasonal food. Born and raised on the East Coast, French spent his early years working in restaurants in upstate New York, New Mexico, Colorado and Maine. After working for Sam Hayward at Fore St. in Portland, Maine he attended L’Academie de Cuisine in Gaithersburg, Maryland, graduating first in his class. He worked under Jeffrey Buben at Vidalia in Washington, DC., and before moving to Oregon he lived in Colorado where he taught Culinary School and sold wine under two Master Sommeliers. Once he landed in Oregon, he knew he’d found a home among the dedicated food producers and chefs who looked to their region for inspiration. In Portland since 2001, Chef French has worked with celebrated chefs Vitaly Paley and Joh Gorham and was on the opening team at Clarklewis. He spent three years working as a butcher before opening Ned Ludd in 2008. Described as “fresh, personal, rustically rooted but punctuated with surprise” by Portland Monthly’s Restaurant Critic Karen Brooks, Ned Ludd is an exceptional Portland experience. For more information, follow Ned Ludd and Chef Jason French on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.