David DeSanteDavid

Consulting Enologist
Mario Bazan Cellars

David DeSante joined us in April 2013 as our Consulting Enologist bringing with him almost twenty years of winemaking and viticultual experience. Growing up in Erie, Pennsylvania David somehow decided at the age of ten he wanted to be a winemaker. Nobody is sure where this idea got started but a humble “ode to the Concord grape” was fashioned at this time. However, David’s academic road led in another direction and he entered the Medical College of Virginia in 1992.

Soon the urge to become a winemaker began to once again take hold and with his new bride Katharine the DeSantes relocated to California. David entered UC Davis and in 1996 earned a MS in Food Science and Technology with an emphasis in Enology and Viticulture.

David began living his dream when after graduation he went to work at Robert Mondavi in their viticulture research department and then on to West Australia for additional experience down under. David then returned to Napa Valley to sharpen his winemaking skills at S. Anderson with both their very successful sparkling wine program as well as the critically acclaimed Richard Chambers Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon project.

After a fortuitous trip with Katharine to Paris in celebration of her birthday the DeSantes returned to Napa with the germ of an idea. “Let’s combine our talents and get going in the wine business for ourselves” said David. And so they did in 2001 by forming DeSante Wines at the same time David began consulting for other wineries both in winemaking and viticulture.

David is the perfect fit for Mario Bazán Cellars because of his passion for winemaking that is only matched by his commitment to viticulture and the vineyard. His multi-faceted skills combined with Mario’s expertise in the vineyard create a strong union to bring the finest wines to the table.

David’s future role will include an ever increasing range of responsibilities in both the winery and vineyard to help guide the wines of Mario Bazán Cellars to even greater heights.