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Executive Chef/Owner
Casanova Fish Tacos

My name is Hector Casanova and I am the Executive Chef and Owner of Casanova Fish Tacos. This is a San Diego based catering company specializing in Baja Style Cuisine... Sea Food Tacos! After I was laid off from my job as a Probation Officer and not sure of what my future would bring Casanova Fish Tacos was born in March of 2009.

This idea was born during football season as we gathered at my house every Sunday to watch the game and eat of course. As you might imagine… Yes, we got tired of the same thing every weekend and one of my friends suggested fish tacos and he would bring his cast iron wok and everything else he would need. We got into it as a friendly competition to make the best fish taco, so I got to work and began playing with spices. About 2 years later and after many, many gatherings my batter was perfect and so I took over with the cooking. My future had something different in store for me.

December of 2008 changed my life as something great happened to me… I was lucky enough to be laid off from my job. Things got tough and not knowing what to do next, my friends suggested I start a fish taco company since they all loved my tacos. I listen and ran with the idea…. 7 years have passed and I am still running! It was not easy at the beginning, I did not had any credibility, no one knew who I was, it was hard to sell my product and convince people to give me a chance. Humbled beginning took me to the Farmer Market Scene if I could sell my product there I was sure I could possibly land an event.

After a couple of years there I began to get a little brand recognition, I began to get invited to events around San Diego, Taco Competitions and festivals. It has been a lot of work I am not going to lie, at times I was ready to quit but I have always had the support on my family and friends that kept pushing me to make it work. Casanova fish tacos has now a recognized brand presence around San Diego and we are now working on expanding our team. Serving groups up to 1400 guests, and with partnership now with corporations such as SONY Electronics, Qualcomm, Nuvassive, NAVY, COSTCO, Illumina, Oakley, Quicksilver, Hard Rock Hotel San Diego, Service Now, Wesfield Malls, and catering events for TV shows, fundraisers, Food Network events as well as show auditions, TV Segments and now becoming part of a really close group of Chefs in San Diego… Well, who would of thought Casanova Fish Tacos would be going strong after 7 years! My concept is simple and my business model is Less is More. This has given me the opportunity to guarantee consistency and presentation of my product.

We at Casanova Fish Tacos pride in what we do… We do not just make tacos… we create an experience. Its time you come and taste the True Baja Style Cusine that have made us one of the few favorites in the business. Try Something New For Your Next Event, The Best Fish Tacos This Side Of The Border!