San Diego Celebrity Chefs

Chef Andrew BachelierAndrew

Executive Chef

Previously Chef de Partie at William Bradley’s distinguished Addison, and most recently the Chef de Cuisine behind the launch of Del Mar’s highly-lauded Cucina Enoteca, Andrew Bachelier’s first food memories are from his early years in Guadalajara, Mexico. The full-sensory experience of that environment - the colors of the markets, the scents and bold flavors of the street food, and the passion of the people he encountered - made a lasting impression, even on his very young mind. His later childhood was highlighted by his time cooking with his mother and grandparents in Arizona. In the spirit of the traditional vaquero, or cowboy, his grandfather built the home that Bachelier grew up visiting, and as they utilized his hand-made pits, grills, and ovens, Bachelier became enthralled by the culture and cuisine of his heritage. He worked alongside his family as they split wood, built and tended the fire, and used nothing but cast iron to produce meals that mesmerized him with their fresh, bright and spicy flavors. These experiences would prove formative as he began his culinary career in San Diego years later.

With his foundation rooted in these elemental cooking techniques, Andrew’s credentials and cultural background made him the perfect candidate to man the helm of the Campfire kitchen, and his partnership with Resnick is an inherently natural one. Researching the Campfire concept evoked memories and experiences from his childhood, and in many ways this project feels like he’s come full circle in his career. Campfire is a return to the origins of cooking and hospitality, and celebrates the spirit of the name by creating an environment in which to gather around a fire, create honest food, and share it with friends. Bachelier is excited to once again be working with a live wood fire, a truly uncontrollable element that requires tremendous focus and technique, but when harnessed can yield unbelievable layers and complexity of flavor.

Bachelier conceived Campfire’s California-driven menu centered around the idea of a shared guest dining experience, and embraces the influences of the melting pot of American cuisine while placing a strong emphasis on locally sourced and sustainable meats, seafood and seasonal vegetables. Harnessing the potential of their custom Grillworks grill in the heart of the restaurant, Bachelier utilizes wood, charcoal, embers, and ash to create technique-driven and deceptively simple dishes that let the ingredients speak for themselves.