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David, a second generation winemaker who graduated from University of California, Davis, is a 25 year veteran winemaker from Robert Mondavi. As Director of Winemaking at Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, he led a team of enologists in creating and evolving their wine style to improve the quality of Woodbridge wines. He helped pioneer winegrower lot processing for direct wine quality feedback, supported barrel aging of premium wines for enhanced quality, and drove stylistic winemaking for hundreds of different wines.

His winemaking philosophy stems directly from Robert Mondavi himself, driving continuous improvements while nurturing a respect for both grape and wine. Today, his belief in true varietal expression and wine's natural marriage with food makes him a pivotal member of the LangeTwins team.

In addition to making the LangeTwins family wine, David is a restaurateur with his wife Trisha at their family restaurant School Street Bistro in Lodi, California. Outside of food and wine, he enjoys collecting vintage posters, golfing and snow-skiing.